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You inspire me. With your false words and sly glances, you make me want to be every single thing that you are not. You are so many things... all except wonderful. The sight of you makes me hurt. I hate how you turn around and judge me. Who are you to pass judgement on me? Simply because I am? Yes, we both breathe air. But that is where the similarities end. My heart beats quick and true, while yours has the sluggish beat of a metronome whose batteries are dying inside. You are those batteries... dying inside. And I am the recharger. You only come to me when it is convenient for you. But when I need you, when I need your support... I turn around to find you and there's a vacant chair. I don't want to be that vacant chair. I refuse. It's not fair. And through it all I stand here. You sit somewhere thinking what you will. I won't sit down and listen to you. You're not here anyway.