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My mother gives me a B

For starting a fight

with my father

over something “unimportant.”

She gives me an A

for the fact that I

was nice to my sister.

My sister turns around and fails me

for that same reason.

My father gives me a B

for the fact that

I won’t follow in his footsteps;

and gives me below average

for the fact that

he doesn’t understand me.

He never will. He passes me

because I have the strength

to stand up to him.

My ex…

fails me in relationships.

He says it’s because

I don’t try hard enough.

I think that I tried too hard.

He gives me an F,

so that he feels…

better about himself.

My best friends

all pass me

with flying colors.

They, at least, say

I’m doing something right.

For my compassion,

love, and insight…

they give me an A.

(shouldn’t that offset the F

that my ex gave me?)

My cousin says

that I could do better

but he doesn’t have the guts

to give me anything below

the most average C.

My boyfriend gives me an A

for simply being me.

He gives me a B,

however, for overreacting.

He says I think too much

and I agree.



give me an A.

I try.