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“The Rich Brother”

A Different Point of View…


            His name was Webster. He had traveled a long distance, in a battered red Cadillac. On his way to Santa Cruz because his daughter was sick, the old Caddy finally gave up just down the road from King City. It was here that he met up with Pete and Donald, two brothers from opposite sides of the fence.

            From the start, Webster could see that Pete was the controlling factor in this relationship. Oddly enough, however, Donald was the one who managed to get Webster a ride with them on their way. As the more suspicious, Pete immediately assumed that Webster was not telling the complete truth. Webster could see it in his eyes, the way that Pete kept glancing back at him in the rearview mirror. Donald was trusting, oddly so. He seemed intent on “saving” himself, his brother, and more hilariously… Webster as well. Webster did not quite know what to think of this, saved from what?

            There seemed to be some sort of tension between the two, as though Pete did not approve of Donald’s outspoken honesty, and open trust of an unknown stranger. Webster found Donald’s trust in him oddly placed. He didn’t understand how Donald coud offer him a ride, and talk so easily with him. It was a hard trait to find nowadays.

            Pete, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. Pete didn’t seem to be able to trust Webster no matter how honest he was. Granted, the story of his sick daughter was completely fabricated. That in itself lent Pete reason enough to not trust Webster. But he thought that he had passed it off well enough. It wasn’t as though Webster was going to drag them into the woods and kill them both and make off with the car. He simply wanted to get home.

            An exit neared, and Webster decided that he had taken this far enough. Fabricating yet another lie, Webster asked Donald, who was now driving next to the sleeping Pete, to pull off. As the door shut, Webster wondered what would happen once Pete awoke to find the stranger gone…