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D. memories

I sit alone
Thinking of you
Wishing that you were here
But you're miles upon miles away
You said you would call
But you left too soon
There's so much I wanted to say
That I didn't want you to go
But it's said that if you love someone
You have to let them go
And go you did
Almost out of my life
I'd almost forgotten
How much I cared
But then you called to remind me
And it all came flooding back
The shared looks
Over everyone's heads
The way that you said
"I wish that I could hold you like this forever"
How I called you at work
And you saved the day
The way that I found out that I was your second baby
Your car comes first
How you make me laugh
When I want to cry
Your kisses were always so sweet
Winning me over with gentleness
And I heard you apologize
Saying that you realize now
That I liked you for who you were
Not for what you weren't
You say that you miss me
And wonder if I can forgive you
I miss you too
I forgive you