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Different kinds of love

A child cries
And is calmed by a loving hand
A hug soothes and comforts
Providing a touch of joy
But who's to say
If that's love?
How do we really know
Since no one can provide a clear definition?
Love is in the heart
Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder
It can't always be defined
Yet we know that it is always there
No matter what the moment
Be it happy, sad, joyous, or just plain indifferent
You can be sure
That you are loved
And it isn't always said in words, but mostly in actions
The touch of a hand, the hug of a friend or lover
A passionate kiss, or a kiss on a hurt
A smile, a wink, a kind action toward another
All of these are signs of love
All to be interpreted by the giver and the receiver
We have all experienced love
Love among friends
Love between lovers
And the love of God
May this love stay with us all
No matter where the paths of our lives may take us.