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I am her

She's tiny and delicate
Looks as though anything could blow her over
But she's stronger than she looks
You can see it in the way she carries herself
And how she's not afraid to look you in the eye
Her tongue is quick, and razor sharp
Slicing many people unintentionally
Eyes hiding something, yet revealing
She's always thinking, but her thoughts shock many
Her feet have carried her down many paths
Some better than others, some that she regrets
Some people see her, as a breath of fresh air
Some wish that they'd never seen her at all
She tries her hardest to please those who she loves,
Getting joy from their happiness
Her heart is full, but it is missing something
That she can't quite define. Maybe love.
She'll smile at nothing, it lights up her face.
And the pain of others is enough to cause tears.
But she's seen enough pain for a lifetime
The deaths of two friends, heartbreak and pain
The memories haunt her but she tries to hide them.
Her chin goes up and she laughs all the harder.
People try to understand, and few succeed.
She is herself, and I am her.