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My loss

There's so much in my heart
That I want to say to you.
But I don't think you'll let me.
That I'm sorry, I was wrong
That I realize now
That there's nothing that I can do
I just wish that you would try
And understand how I feel
How hard it is for me to let go
You opened up a door that I had forgotten
I wish that it had stayed closed
But there was no turning back
And now I'm here, not knowing what to do
And I think that this is all
A waste of my time, it's over.
I want to be strong, and just walk away
But it's not that easy anymore
I gave you my heart, I thought
That I could keep some for myself
But you got it all
I never wanted that to happen
I was so scared, terrified of you
I look back and see all that I did wrong
And all that you didn't do
Maybe it's right that you hate me
But it's not right that I still love you
I wanted to talk to you
About how I felt
But you never wanted to listen
And now your listening has come to an end
I can't force you to do anything
But I wish that you would
I wish that you would open your eyes
And see me here before you
See my heart in my eyes, that you never saw
If you only knew how hard it was
For me to love you maybe you'd understand
But you never took the time
All you knew is that I was a private person
You never knew the heartache and pain
I was willing to give you everything
But you never tried to find out
Just how much I was willing to give
But it's my part to blame too
I never tried to show you
Just how much I cared, never really told you