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the fortuneteller's story

She was never really noticed by many. Until one day, a knight noticed her voice from afar. It was merely in passing, and he didn’t glimpse her at all. But he heard her voice, and that started it all.

He was a knight, sworn to uphold the weak and honor the women. She was simply a fortuneteller, gifted with the uncanny skill of seeing into a person’s soul. It wasn’t something that she always liked, but over time she had gotten used to it.

The two met by chance, on a gaming day. He came ‘round a bend, and she looked up into his eyes with shock. Right then and there, she knew it was the end. He greeted her as if he had known her always, and it seemed he had. Soon, they spent all of their time together. They took long walks at all hours of the day. It gave them time to talk with each other, and know each other. They wished the time to never stop.

But he knew that their precious time together would come to an end. She knew it too. Neither of them wanted it to come. But the knight would be sent away for training, sent away for a very long time. This was something they discussed at great length, for it was a dark cloud looming on their otherwise bright horizon. They felt that they could make it through anything. The fortuneteller had doubts at times though.

She had never let herself love truly before. Never had she given up completely and let herself go in someone else. She felt that she was losing control of her heart, and it scared her. The knight seemed to see this, and he became all the more amazing. He went out of his way for her, writing sonnets and bringing her flowers when she least expected it. For him, there was no one else whom he wanted to be with. And soon, the fortuneteller lost her inner battle. She realized one day as she sat and watched him walk towards her that she had completely given her heart to him.

They continued on with their life together. Each moment was not long enough for them. They wanted every waking moment to be spent in the presence of the other. But the fortuneteller was kept busy with her work and studies, as was the knight. Even trying to get to each other’s village proved to be difficult. The weather, as well as transportation was some of the biggest challenges. Even with all of that, they saw each other once a week, if they were lucky, more. They lived somewhere in between a dream and waking. It was the happiest time of their life.

But little did the fortuneteller know, there was a thundercloud looming in the distance. The knight was not sure that he was the right one for the fortuneteller. He did not think that he was ready to give to her what she wanted from him. He knew that a serious relationship was what she desired, one that would last. But he did not feel that he could give her that. The knight wanted her happy, but he was unhappy about the situation. He felt that their relationship was too serious. It became a rift between them, and the fortuneteller began to notice that the knight was more withdrawn from her than he ever had been in the past. She could tell, by the way that he talked to her, that their time was coming to an end.

The day finally came. The knight said that it was over between them. The fortuneteller did not know what to do. She finally had let go of her fears, and they were all coming to life. The man who she loved more than anything told her that he did not want to be with her any more.

Months went by, and the fortuneteller refused to see or talk to the knight. Her heart had been broken, and the world knew it. Her eyes held a deep sadness inside that she could not hide from even a passing stranger. She thought of the knight every day, each passing moment she wondered what she had done wrong. The fortuneteller had never told her knight that she had given herself completely over to him. She had never shown him exactly how much she cared for him. Over time, she convinced herself that that was why he had left her.

Finally, the fortuneteller decided to move where she was working. She left her friends and family and went to work in the mountains. She knew that her knight was somewhere; he was off being trained by this time. The fortuneteller went back to her home to visit family, and they told her that a messenger had left her a note, penned by the knight. The knight wrote, saying that he had not been able to stop thinking of her. The fortuneteller could not read any more, she simply sat down and cried over the love that she had lost.

She wrote back, and the notes were the only way that the two were connected. The fortuneteller felt something more though; she felt that they were still connected in their hearts. The notes that the messengers brought to each other became increasingly serious. They started to talk about the times that they had had in the past, the long walks that they so loved. It seemed that they had never forgotten, or their hearts hadn’t.

The knight missed the fortuneteller horribly. He started thinking that maybe he had made a mistake in telling her that he did not want to be together with her anymore. He told all of this to the fortuneteller. He told so much to her, and she to him. She told him how she missed him, how she cried, how she loved. Soon they both realized that they still had the love they had months and months before. They decided that they wanted to be together, even through the distance that separated them.

Soon, the fortuneteller decided that she wanted to be better educated. She went off to a learning village that would suit her needs. The knight continued to write to her there. Since they had been separated, they acknowledged that they had both changed. But they took the chance anyway.

As the day that the knight would come home neared, the fortuneteller’s spirits began to rise. She missed her love terribly.

The knight finally arrived home, and the first two weeks were blissfully happy for the two. It was as though he had never left, as though they had been together only hours before. But soon, the two started fighting. The fortuneteller knew that she was always so worried that her knight would leave her again. And he had changed a lot more than she had given him credit for. He realized that the fortuneteller was no longer the young woman he had left a long time ago. She had changed into something that he wasn’t sure he loved anymore. But he tried to accept her as she was. The fortuneteller was aware of this, and realized that the knight was trying to change her. She didn’t like the fact that he was different. And she hated the fact that they were fighting so much.

Eventually, the fortuneteller could take it no longer. She told the knight that she was no longer happy with their being together. She didn’t love him any less, but she was not happy with all of the fighting and the differences they were having. She didn’t know what to do, and the knight had put enough pressure on her that she simply snapped. Looking back on it, she realized that the decision had been made hastily, but she could not reverse it. The knight was upset, and they both cried, afraid that they had lost the other forever.

The fortuneteller put down her pen and stopped writing on her scroll. Her story is, as of yet, incomplete. She does not know yet how it turns out. Happily? Never. As the knave said, such things are for fairy tales.