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The knave was the beginning of it all. He started the story. And through his story, the Fortuneteller was created and molded. She now continues the story. The story will pass hands, changing and morphing many times. But for now, it is hers to tell and hold close to her heart.

But who is the knave? And who is the fortuneteller? They are steadfast friends, who have been separated for years. Their love for each other has not diminished, over the miles that separate them. They will never reveal who they truly are, but simply remain, as they are, an insight. They reveal who they are through their actions, thoughts, feelings, as well as the other characters who they bring into the story. The knave was the beginning, the fortuneteller the continuation. They do not know who will carry the story next, nor do they let it concern them. The story will continue. The knave and the fortuneteller will live on.