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Tharnin (January 24, 2002)

Tharnin. How many nicknames do we have for each other anyway? I miss you. I wish that you were here, so that I could simply curl up in your arms and cry everything out. I realized that you and I never really touched. Ever. Looking back, I don’t notice anything at the time. But now, looking back again, it is a little odd. And all I want right now is to curl up in your arms. I miss you. I don’t know where all of this is coming from. You’ve been there through it all, you’re the one who can claim to have seen me at my worst. You can say that you’ve seen me cry, laugh myself silly, wearing a wig, and almost getting kicked out of Monmouth Mall. You can testify that I was in fact a juvenile delinquent for a few minutes. I miss you, everything that you are. Yet all I can think about is you… being here… with me. It’s been over a year. And I miss hearing you sing in the shower. I think that I’m going to leave you with that thought. I love you. No restrictions, no boundaries.