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I will never see over half of my high school friends ever again. There are two more days in which I can make my lasting impression upon them, or piss them off so royally that they never want to think of me again. I’m opting for the first choice. But will they think of me after I’ve moved on with my life? Will they ever wonder where I am and what I’m doing?

 I’m not sure who I’ll remember. Though there are people who I will miss sorely. And there are messages to some of them in the links below. Not that you’d really want to read about people that you don’t necessarily know. I’ll miss everyone for a while, I know. But how long will I miss the friends who were, in all actuality, merely acquaintances? I honestly can’t answer that. I want to be the good one, who says that they’ll remember you and actually does remember you. Who comes back to the reunions saying, “Do you remember when…?” but for me, that’s wishful thinking. I am known to have one of the shortest memories ever. Which, in some cases, is a blessing.

 I want to remember so many things about my years at MA. Mostly the stupid things that I did with friends, but even more, I want to remember the friends with whom I did stupid things. The events themselves are no longer important, gone in the past… nothing can be done to change them at all. But the people… the people I will treasure forever… or, at least, as long as I remember them.