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You never would have guessed that I’d write about you. But here you are…

Even though you probably never knew it at the time, and possibly still don’t know it now, you taught me many lessons that I have yet to forget. You encouraged me to stick to it when the going got tough. You wouldn’t let me quit, no matter how much I wanted to. And why I listened to you, I don’t know… but if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be the drummer that I am now. I wouldn’t be a drummer at all. The most important lesson that you taught me was about love and friendship. I remember the crush that I had on you that lasted for years. But what I remember more is the friendship that we developed that has lasted even longer. And even though innumerable miles and cities separate us… whenever we talk, it’s as though we’re picking right back up again. And even now, I still love you. But it’s taken on a different twist… you’re the one I can cry to, who I know will stand behind me no matter what happens… even if we don’t talk for months at a time.

Thank you for everything… and then some. Get all that you can out of your future, and laugh all the while… you know that I’m behind you all the way… standing on the sidelines watching your game, just like old times.