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Loving and being loved...
Ladies and gentlemen.... I've been thinking. Why is it that people get so
hung up on themselves, their own immediate surroundings, and their own
pathetic little lives that they simply give up on caring about others?
Whatever happened to unconditional love? I don't know. I've been having to
think about that a lot recently. About how hard it is to give love without
restraint. And how absolutely hard it is to give, yet not receive. However,
ladies and gents, it is not impossible. Yes, it hurts, and, yes, it's hard.
But not impossible. And in the end, you realize that it's actually not a bad
thing at all. And maybe, just maybe, loving is what this place needs to be a
little nicer. All I have to say is that if you find someone to love, count
yourself lucky. Because to love is a wonderful thing, once you learn how.
Just to be able to completely give a part of yourself. Which I have never
been able to do before. But I realize now, that I actually have. And you
know what? I don't want that part of me back. It's theirs to keep. And to
know that I love them, without demand, without restraint. And I just wanted
to send this on to some of the people who I truly do love. And maybe if we
all love a little... the world may become a little bit brighter.