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She is an observer, an observer in her own life. She writes to understand it. And through her writing, you may start to understand her. There is no telling what may come of this...



These tell the story of her life. Not everything has been posted, but eventually everything will be up-to-date. She talks about those she loves, those she has loved in the past, her heartaches, and herself. It is the closest one will ever get to her, to knowing her.

    The story

The fortuneteller and the knave are the storytellers. Their lives soon translate to your own. Their problems become yours, yours become theirs.

Petmunchkin is not the only author of this series. Tharnin has his part as well. Tharnin is the other half of Petmunchkin, sometimes the better half, sometimes the worse half. But he remains a constant in her life, one she plans to keep.


Bitter diatribes, and simple ramblings... a look into her life. What she writes is what she thinks, about love, friends, and what is going on in the world. Spontaneous, yes... well thought out, not always... planned, never...

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