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Your shirt lays at the foot of my bed, it still smells like you.
I wonder how you found me,
and I'm so glad that you did.
We see eye to eye on the strangest things,
except strawberry milk.
My friends all love you,
they all say that it's about time.
You're good for me, though you may not know it.
Even the worst days turn into the best,
broken boats included.
I never want to lose you, I dread the day.
You let me be myself, and I wouldn't
change a thing about you.
When I first saw you, I laughed.
Not being able to take my eyes off you,
I couldn't imagine being wrapped in your arms.
Yet now, it's all I can do to not remember that.
I could talk with you forever, just sitting on the couch,
Curled up in the warmth of your body.
Your kisses still warm my lips, and hair and arms…
I love the way you can't seem to get enough of me,
I know I can't get enough of you.
There aren't enough words to describe how I feel,
nor enough pages for me to write them on.
Your eyes look into mine and I feel like I'm home.
I'd give anything to see your smile and hear
your laughter in my ears all the time.
R.S., I do believe I've fallen.