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Petmunchkin the writer

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2000 mission trip to North Carolina

400 miles

A good friend


Accept me

And then there was you

A thankful surrender

But not really


Different kinds of love

D. memories

Get to know her

Hard to be loved

Haunted memories

Heart of ice

I am her

I hate the cold

I love

I meant it

I sit alone and watch the world

I wasn't sure

If only you could see me now



My death

My gifts

My loss

Open your eyes

Poem to Piercy




Seed of caring

Set aside the pain

Terrified of words

The blind woman

The block

The dance

The elements

The fortune teller

The pretender

The seaman

Through a haze

Throw it all away

Too bad

Walk through the door

Why is it

Windows to the soul

You and me

You deserve it